Business Model

Our business model

Frontity is free. There are no installation costs nor monthly fees.

Our monetization comes from one ad placement that publishers allow us to use on their website. We will just maintain control of this single space and get the income generated through it.

Our mission

Our mission is to get your site on screen as fast as possible. Our Progressive Web Apps are designed to load nearly instantly and they score 99/100 in mobile performance on Google PageSpeed Insights.

Speed is key to driving revenue for publishers nowadays because it keeps users engaged with their site. A fast user experience on mobile means greater pageviews, conversion rates, and ad viewability. On the contrary, users who are frustrated by a slow-loading site are more likely to bounce: visit the site once, leave and never return.

We make use of the latest mobile technologies to help publishers boost their traffic and maximize their ad revenue.

If we fail in our mission, you can cancel anytime and get back to your old mobile version. There's no long-term contract, nor a commitment to stay with us for a fixed period. It is as simple as deactivating our plugin.